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Social Studies Courses

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American Government

Grades: 12

Duration: Semester Course

This semester class covers America’s political foundations; political parties, media and special interest groups; three branches of government: legislative, executive and judicial and their influence on society. The course is the culmination of the civic literacy strand that prepares students to vote, reflect on the responsibilities of citizenship and to participate in community activities.

This class does not meet CSU admission requirements.


Economics A (P)

Grades: 12

Duration: Semester Course

This course builds upon the fundamental concepts presented in the required social science classes. Topics covered include a study of the free market system, labor force, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and international trade.


United States History AB (P)

Grades: 11

Duration: Year Course

United States History AB (P) continues to build upon the 20th century chronological development of our country to study major themes that have shaped our country’s destiny. The shaping of America’s future depends on a better understanding of her past.


World History AB (P)

Grades: 10

Duration: Year Course

World History AB (P) covers history, geography and economics of selected culture from both the western world and non-western worlds. Themes include the rise of democracy, the effects of nationalism, revolution and imperialism along with industrialization, militarism and the background of current global conflict. The historical backgrounds of the past will be related to our present world situation.
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