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 Gateway is located at 1550 Herndon Avenue in the northeast area of the city of Clovis.  Enterprise Independent Study is located at 1655 David E Cook Way and shares the campus with Clovis Online School.  

Gateway High School is located in the community of Clovis in the central San Joaquin Valley.  The school has an enrollment of 240 and serves 10th-12th grade students, with an average of 95.16% daily actual attendance.  The ethnic composition of the student population is 2% Native American Indian, 5% Asian, 50% Hispanic, 9% Black and 26% White, not of Hispanic Origin.

The high school was built in 1975 at its present location, due to its visibility, and its central location in the district. Gateway is the continuation school for CUSD 10-12 grade students. Since its inception in 1960, CUSD has maintained a history of excellence in education due in part to the collaborative efforts of committed educators and a supportive community. Recognizing that CUSD serves the children and their families of the community is at the very core of the district beliefs and guiding principles. As a result of these beliefs, Gateway is supported by the district and students are held accountable to the same standards as all secondary students in CUSD.


The administration staff at Gateway includes a principal, learning director, three counselors and a psychologist. There are twenty-seven full-time teachers all of which are fully credentialed, including a special education teacher, a library media teacher, and a full-time nurse. The staff includes five clerical support staff and five instructional aides. To ensure a safe school environment, there is a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) and two student relations liaisons (SRL) assigned to the Gateway campus.  Additionally, the Gateway includes an LCAP funded “Access Team” which consists of a coordinator, two Transition SRLs and an office assistant. The Access Team supports students with social-emotional and academic intervention. 

The Gateway student body ranges from approximately 220 up to 260 students and is drawn from the entire CUSD attendance area. The leadership team is committed to providing all students an educational experience, which helps students to realize their potential, providing a path to college/career. All students enrolled at Gateway have a student/parent conference with a counselor to discuss an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). 

Alternative Education is a valid alternative to the comprehensive high school.  The mission is to provide a credible educational program that offers a meaningful experience designed to meet the educational and social needs of students.  For those students assigned involuntarily to the program, it provides opportunities to correct academic deficiencies, demonstrate improved attendance, or provide evidence of improved attitudes and/or behavior.  For those voluntary enrollments, the provision of a credible high school education is essential.  It is critical, however, that all three schools provide reasonable alternative to the comprehensive high school time frame, instructional delivery method, and curriculum design.  Providing support to high at-risk students is a priority of the entire staff.  Credit requirements to earn a diploma are aligned with those of the comprehensive high schools, thereby allowing the student the opportunity to return to graduate.
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