Just a reminder to make sure to have your student's Annual Information Update completed by August 8, 2018. The completion of the Annual Information Update is mandatory for all parents/guardians to complete. See the attached flyers.




Gateway parents/guardians, to report an absence, call (559) 327-1879.

Enterprise parents/guardians, to report an absence, call (559) 327-4400.

Clovis Unified School District has an established alternative education system consisting of three distinct high schools which work collaboratively: Enterprise Independent Study, Community Day School and Gateway High School.  Each has its role in serving a targeted population. Initially, Student Services and School Attendance recommends a student to a school and intervention program to foster a successful educational experience in school.  Other branches in the system are available should circumstances change.  The school management team (consisting of counselors, a learning director and principals) may place or recommend a student to another school within Alternative Education when the need arises.  Student enrollment patterns increase throughout the year with a notable increase after CBEDs in October.  The Alternative Education schools serve a relatively high at-risk youth population and are considered a valid intervention for the comprehensive high schools. 

The District supports the Alternative Education program by supplying adequate administrative, counseling, teaching and support staff.  The schools have a comprehensive budget that supports all of its academic programs.  The facilities are well maintained and centrally located.  Students receive the equivalent of the services provided to the comprehensive secondary schools.  Transportation, Special Education, categorical aid, food services, technology, and co-curricular budgetary areas are among those supported.  The student assessment program includes the State test (STAR), and Proficiency testing in Reading, Math and Writing.