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Student Store

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The Gateway Student Store is only one of two student stores in the Clovis Unified School District that is run by students.  The marketing lessons learned in the classroom are applied to the actual store.  Students have various positions in the store, deal with ordering merchandise, pricing, stocking, inventory control, in-store displays, sales, record keeping and customer service.  During the lunch period, students work in the store – making sales and waiting on customers.


Student Store Underconstruction

Gateway’s Student Store

Currently Under Construction



Snack Foods                          Price         Snack Foods                                             Price

Beef Jerky – Original             $1.75         Fruit by the Foot                                       $0.50

Beef Jerky - Peppered          $1.75         Hot Cheetos                                               $1.00

Beef Jerky – Teriyaki             $1.75         Pop Tarts                                                    $1.00

Cheez-its                                $0.75         Rice Krispy Treats                                      $1.00

Frito Lay BBQ Chips             $1.00         

Frozen Snack Foods             Price         Frozen Snack Foods                                 Price

Ice Cream Sandwich             $1.00          Otter Pops                                                   $0.25     

Mexico Fruit Bar                    $1.00                   

Beverages                               Price         Beverages                                                   Price

Powerade Zero – Mixed Berry   $1.25    Water                                                          $1.00

Powerade Zero – Fruit Punch    $1.25         

Clothing                                 Price         Clothing                                                     Price

T-Shirts (Mens)                      $10.00       Beanies                                                       $5.00       

T-Shirts (Womens)                $10.00       Gloves                                                         $5.00

School Supplies                     Price         School Supplies                                         Price

Pencils                                    $0.10         Folders                                                        $0.25

Eagle Ticket Merchandise

Items & tickets needed vary per item.  Please see a complete listing in the Student Store.

*Merchandise & Prices subject to change

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