Healthy Start:
Healthy Start is affecting the lives of its clients by providing and coordinating free resource services and showing a willingness to “do whatever it takes” to help students in need.  As a result, students are more able to focus on learning in the classroom.  The Healthy Start Program provides comprehensive help for teen issues. The positive school environment and the variety of instructional strategies have resulted in fewer referrals, suspensions and recommendations for expulsion as compared to previous years.  Students at Gateway and Enterprise have access to support programs offered through Healthy Start. 

Youth Parent Program (YPP):
The graduation rates of pregnant or teen parents have been higher because of the nursery, parenting classes and other social services provided to this segment of the student population.

Interquest Detection Canines:
School safety of all students and staff continues to be a very important priority at Gateway High School.   In Clovis Unified School District there is an effective deterrence program in place to reduce the presence of drugs, beverage alcohol, abused medications and weapons on campus through the use of detection canines.   Clovis Unified utilizes the services of Interquest Detection Canines to randomly search all secondary schools which include Gateway High School.

Randomly and unannounced the canines come to Gateway High School and search classrooms and parking lots.  During a search in the classroom the dogs are always accompanied by a school administrator who informs students that this is standard procedure.  If the dogs detect a contraband odor the responsible party is escorted to the scene whether it is the classroom or automobile.  They are briefed on the dog’s capabilities and given an opportunity to offer an explanation as to the nature of the dog’s interest.  The dog handler then inspects the location and turns any discovered contraband over to school administration. Any possible disciplinary actions are then followed through with Gateway staff and possibly the Clovis Unified Police Services and Clovis Police Department.