Home Hospital Instruction (HHI) provides the opportunity for a student to continue schooling in the event of a temporary disability that makes attendance in a comprehensive school impossible.  Students served by HHI are able to maintain school credit, even while temporarily unable to attend their home school. Clovis Unified’s provision of HHI services and eligibility requirements are outlined in Board Policy 3501 – Individualized Instruction. Only students expected to miss a minimum of three (3) weeks of school, and who have been diagnosed by a medical doctor as temporarily unable to attend regular classes are considered for HHI services.

If a student is determined to be eligible for HHI, a credentialed teacher will provide up to 5 hours of instruction per week for the student that is practical for the nature of the temporary disability.  It is the ultimate goal of Clovis Unified’s HHI team to work with the home school, physician and family to facilitate a student’s successful return to his or her comprehensive school at the conclusion of HHI services.  Students served by HHI are expected to be home between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., and cannot be employed.  Participation in co-curricular activities while receiving HHI services is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Home Hospital Instruction is a service, not a school.  HHI services are available only to students who meet eligibility guidelines and who are enrolled in a Clovis Unified school.  A student who is admitted long-term to a hospital or healthcare facility within CUSD boundaries, but who may not have been enrolled in a CUSD school at the time of their hospital admittance may also be eligible. 

Short-term Home Hospital is for a period of 3-6 wks and allows for the student to stay enrolled at their home school.  Long-term Home Hospital is for a period of 6+ wks and requires that the student transfer to Enterprise Independent Study to receive services.

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