District’s first continuation school began in 1974 at the old Clovis High School campus in downtown Clovis.  Gateway High School was built in 1975 at its present location at 1550 Herndon Avenue, Clovis and is centrally located in the District.  Since 1975, Gateway has expanded three times and completed a 25-year modernization project.  The student body ranges up to 380 students and is drawn from the entire Clovis Unified attendance area. 

Gateway High School has a relatively large population of at-risk youth.  Some students come from group homes and/or are on probation, and more than 35% qualify for free and/or reduced lunches.  The students represent a cross section of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  There are more male students (66.9%) than female.  The ethnic diversity of the Clovis Unified School District has been increasing on an annual basis. 

Initial placement at Gateway is done by a consultant at Student Services and School Attendance (SSSA).  With the support of Clovis Unified School District and the staff of Gateway, a number of students regularly transition back to their "home school."  Every effort is made to ensure that students are placed in a program that can best meet their academic and personal needs.